Dec 11

Vellum Simplifies Ebook Conversion So Authors Can Focus On Their Craft

VellumebooksoftwareDigital Book World has added a release aoub Vellum’s ebook creation software for OSX.  From the article:

Authors who want to create their own digital books are often frustrated when converting their manuscripts into ebooks. A Seattle software company called 180g has created a tool, Vellum, that handles the technical ins-and-outs of building EPUB, MOBI, and iBook files—simplifying ebook conversion and giving authors more time to focus on their craft.

Vellum ebook creation software, introduced today, runs on Mac OS X and allows authors and small publishers to easily create beautiful ebooks for iBooks, Kindle, and Nook without any prior experience or training.

“Authors love writing and love getting their work to fans,” said 180g cofounder Brad West, “But they’re tearing their hair out creating ebooks.” Vellum lets authors import a manuscript from Microsoft Word; add front and back matter such as Copyright, Epigraph, Acknowledgments; fix typos; rewrite chapters; choose typesetting styles; and add features like drop caps and ornaments. “Vellum’s responsive design ensures beautiful results on any device,” said West.

You can read the rest of the article HERE.