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Microsoft Effectively Doubles the Value of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Unit

Back when we used to play board games – before life and the internet interrupted beautiful friendships – Risk was a favorite. My strategy often resulted in owning vast tracts of land and prudently utilizing my resources to effectively remove players from the board by chipping away at their defenses. It didn’t hurt that wins …

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Sunrise vs. Sunset

Big Bear Dam Sunrise Reflection

Big Bear Dam Sunrise Reflection (photography by Kelly Pajak) If there was ever any knowledge that I would impart to a writer or a screenwriter, it would be: Write what you know. Your characters should always be a part of you, and should always reflect your own personal style through their own voice. You can’t …

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Myth of the Poor Man’s Copyright

Poor Man’s Copyright is an idiotic belief promulgated by amateur writers and screenwriters on blogs and other social media sites that – by mailing a copy of the writer’s work through the U.S. Postal Service – a writer can protect said work. In fact, here’s a recent internet entry about PMC – spelling errors and …

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