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Jeep Introduces 392 Powered Wrangler

To start: I want to congratulate Ford on a successful second-place finish with the introduction of the new Bronco. Jeep beat ya by 2 cylinders, a mountain of horsepower, and a buttload of torque. I do, truly, appreciate the technical prowess of your turbo six, but there’s no replacement for displacement.

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2013 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

I dearly love the Jeep Wrangler. True, I’m more of a sports car guy, having owned a disproportionate number of ridiculously impractical Cobras, GT40s, Vanquishes, Lotusii and other cars known more for their on-road prowess than their off-road articulation.  But there’s always been a soft spot in my heart (or my head … hard to …

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