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Self-Publishers Should Not Be Called Authors

…and other stupid blog post titles. To say that the landscape of publishing has dramatically changed over the last five years is an idiotic statement.  The landscape of publishing has been dramatically changing since it’s inception.  Just because someone finally noticed — after the printing press dramatically changed the landscape; after offset printing dramatically changed …

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J.A. Konrath: Fisking Donald Maass

Oh. My. Goodness. My favorite author has just spanked the Emerald City Doorman hard enough that it’s going to leave a mark.  And Mr. Maass is going to have a severe limp for quite awhile! It’s no secret that I am an indie-publishing heretic, posting often and everywhere about how every author should look into …

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Self-Publishing and The Power of Creative Intention

Orna Ross recently posted a wonderful blog entry about creative intention over at the ALLi Self Publishing Advice website.  From the article: Planning to write 1000 words a day through 2014? Resolving to definitely get that title that’s been hanging around forever up and out there? Oh yes, it’s that time of year when indie …

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