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Question: How would you suggest getting past the dreaded “we do not accept unsolicited material” notice?

It’s really simple: you send a query letter. Companies DO NOT want to see your screenplay; that is the “unsolicited material” they don’t accept. They’ll accept query letters all day long. Do your due diligence: find out who you contact, and send your query letter specifically to that person (or department). That’s the professional way […]

Sunrise vs. Sunset

Big Bear Dam Sunrise Reflection

Big Bear Dam Sunrise Reflection (photography by Kelly Pajak) If there was ever any knowledge that I would impart to a writer or a screenwriter, it would be: Write what you know. Your characters should always be a part of you, and should always reflect your own personal style through their own voice. You can’t […]

Myth of the Poor Man’s Copyright

Poor Man’s Copyright is an idiotic belief promulgated by amateur writers and screenwriters on blogs and other social media sites that – by mailing a copy of the writer’s work through the U.S. Postal Service – a writer can protect said work. In fact, here’s a recent internet entry about PMC – spelling errors and […]

Screenwriting Resources

The world of screenwriting is constantly evolving, just like the filmmaking industry.  Hollywood is a living, breathing entity. The downside of evolution – especially in an industry – is that many people feel that the changes will adversely affect them, or that they’ll lose their power.  So they build fortresses to try to control their […]