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Scribd cuts off romance and erotica

Scribd, the subscription-based content platform has apparently alerted its publishing partners that it will be dropping a number of romance and erotica titles from its ebook catalog.  Smashwords CEO Mark Coker announced the news on the Smashwords website yesterday, along with the estimate that Scribd will drop 80-90% of the Smashwords romance and erotica titles.  Mark […]

Mommy Porn, the #1 genre in sales and conversion for eBook Explosion

Forget the bustier rippers and the thick afternoon romance novels with Fabio on the cover.  According to eBook Explosion, the number one genre out there is ‘sensual romance.’  Mommy porn.  The stuff that makes even Anastasia Steele breathe heavier when she’s not hanging out with Christian Grey (yeah, I just made a Shades of Grey reference). From SBWire: […]