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eBooks sell better through Apple’s App Store than through iBookstore. Go figure.

I had wondered about this for awhile; having an interest in photography, I’ve got a copy of Master Your DSLR Camera.  When I went to the BetterBook site, I noticed that the ebook was available as an app.  It’s an ebook.  It’s for sale on iTunes.  It’s #1 in the iBookstore, but way lower on the […]

DBW: Ebook Revenues Rising Abroad For American Publishers

Yep, even as ebook prices take a weekly tumble – or momentary rise – on the rollercoaster of retail sales, American publishers are reporting that the revenues coming in from ebook sales continues to rise. Digital Book World is reporting that there are double-digit percentage increases in revenues for ebooks, while physical book revenue rose […]

Forbes: Quick-To-Market Ebooks Now Norm, Not Exception

Forbes has taken note of how quickly eBooks can rise up the charts, and – as better and better tools become available through places like Vook, Division, and Byliner – we will see books hitting the eShelves as fast as the authors can type them. In the example cited, it took the author 72 hours to write […]

BBC News reports that self-publishing is a ‘wonderful phenomenon’

BBC News is reporting that 2012 was a record year for the UK publishing industry. The Publishers Association Statistics Yearbook reported total revenues of £3.34B with digital sale hitting £411M, and sales of physical books coming in at £2.9B. “Self-publishing has been a wonderful phenomenon,” said Richard Mollett, chief executive of The Publishers Association. “It has […]

Question: What is the hardest thing about publishing an ebook?

This question was recently asked in a group I’m part of.  Here’s the whole question: Question: What is the hardest thing about publishing an ebook?  I’m curious what problems here people have had with publishing ebooks themselves. i’m currently working on two books that I want to release as ebooks, but I’d like to avoid […]