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Hidden California Gold Found in State Parks!

For once, Californians may have to thank a corrupt public official for his inept bumbling and theft. Even though there are blacked-out, redacted names in the reports, it’s pretty clear that former Deputy Director Manuel Thomas Lopez carried out a poorly thought out “secret vacation buyout program” for himself and 55 members of the California …

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Copy of Martin Waldseemueller’s map showing America found in German Library

History is a wonderful, rich, and remarkable tapestry. Much of what modern explorers go in search of was first written about in ancient texts. History drives exploration. Martin Waldseemueller, a German cartographer, is credited with the first recorded usage of “America” as the name of the new land that he believed had been discovered by …

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Devils Postpile Sets 37-Foot Vehicle Length Restriction on the Devils Postpile Access Road

The really short, curvy and narrow section of road that provides access to the Devils Postpile Trailhead – which has always been a place where you grip your steering wheel a bit tighter – now has a vehicle length limitation. This will, hopefully, eliminate the possibility of accidents and reduce the number of near miss …

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