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Salt Creek Fire

This wildfire started on August 1, 2012 along the I-5 near Salt Creek and Gilman Road in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, 20 miles north of Redding, California. As of today, the fire is 75% percent contained, and has burned 980 acres.  Full containment is expected by 6:00pm August 5, 2012. There was a warning about a […]

Hidden California Gold Found in State Parks!

For once, Californians may have to thank a corrupt public official for his inept bumbling and theft. Even though there are blacked-out, redacted names in the reports, it’s pretty clear that former Deputy Director Manuel Thomas Lopez carried out a poorly thought out “secret vacation buyout program” for himself and 55 members of the California […]

Copy of Martin Waldseemueller’s map showing America found in German Library

History is a wonderful, rich, and remarkable tapestry. Much of what modern explorers go in search of was first written about in ancient texts. History drives exploration. Martin Waldseemueller, a German cartographer, is credited with the first recorded usage of “America” as the name of the new land that he believed had been discovered by […]

Devils Postpile Sets 37-Foot Vehicle Length Restriction on the Devils Postpile Access Road

The really short, curvy and narrow section of road that provides access to the Devils Postpile Trailhead – which has always been a place where you grip your steering wheel a bit tighter – now has a vehicle length limitation. This will, hopefully, eliminate the possibility of accidents and reduce the number of near miss […]

Inyo National Forest – Reds Meadow Road Reopens!

The US Forest Service, National Park Service, and several partners made remarkable progress in the cleanup and repair of facilities and infrastructure in the Reds Meadow Valley that were affected by an November 30, 2011 extreme wind storm.