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Calibre pops out release 1.3!

Whether you’re an eBook aficionado, an aspiring writer, or ar just trying to get a handle on all of your eBooks across all of your devices the open-source Calibre program is your solution.  You can manage your library, sync your files to virtually every device you’ve got, and even convert eBook formats. Calibre is free …

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Barnes and Noble puts brakes on Nook tablets

Barnes and Noble announced some significant changes with the Nook today, following the press release of their fourth-quarter and full-year earnings reports. They took a beating, but they’re going to pivot. Barnes and Noble will stop manufacturing the Nook tablets after the holiday season, but will continue to make eReaders. From the press release: The …

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Nook Seeks an Edge With $2 E-Books

Lauren Indvik is reporting on Mashable that Nook has unveiled a new program, Nook Snaps, that offers short subject ebooks of 5,000 words for $1.99.  These ebooks are 60-day Nook exclusives, which seems similar to Amazon’s 90-exclusive Select program. From the article: “It’s an editorially driven program that reflects our ongoing commitment to high-quality short …

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