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There’s Still Good Mtn Biking in Big Bear!

Big Bear Mountain Resorts website is reporting that there’s still plenty of ground left to cover for your biking pleasure. From the website: Lift accessed mtn biking may be over for the season but the riding in Big Bear is still really good! The valley did get a small snowstorm but did not receive a …

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American Hiking Society’s Save the Trails Fund

I love to hike.  I love the outdoors.  One thing that disrupts the flow on our hiking trails is the insurgence of mountain bikes ridden in an unsafe manner on trails where mountain bikes aren’t allowed to be that puts hikers and the mountain bikers at risk. From the American Hiking Society’s website: In recent …

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American Hiking Society’s petition to protect hiking on National Scenic Trails from mountain biking

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a fan of mountain bikes shooting down hiking trails.  While there are certainly some mountain bikers who are cognizant of others, the vast majority of mountain bikers I’ve encountered have been rude, unsafe cyclists who don’t seem to be in control of their equipment; I’ve seen …

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