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Garmin Adds Synthetic Vision to Pilot App

Garmin International Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, today announced an updated version of the Garmin Pilot application for the iPad and iPhone featuring synthetic vision as an option for premium subscribers. 3D Vision incorporates GPS-derived airspeed, altitude, and vertical speed overlaid on rich 3D topographic landscape. …

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Calibre pops out release 1.3!

Whether you’re an eBook aficionado, an aspiring writer, or ar just trying to get a handle on all of your eBooks across all of your devices the open-source Calibre program is your solution.  You can manage your library, sync your files to virtually every device you’ve got, and even convert eBook formats. Calibre is free …

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Sticker Shock! Verizon No Longer Subsidizes Tablets

With the introduction of Verizon Wireless‘ “Share Everything” family plans at the end of June, the company has stopped subsidizing tablets. According to Verizon, tablets will now be on the same data sharing plan that other devices are on instead of being part of a separate data plan that required tablet purchasers to be locked …

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