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J.A. Konrath: Fisking Donald Maass

Oh. My. Goodness. My favorite author has just spanked the Emerald City Doorman hard enough that it’s going to leave a mark.  And Mr. Maass is going to have a severe limp for quite awhile! It’s no secret that I am an indie-publishing heretic, posting often and everywhere about how every author should look into …

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How publishing fiction online launched the career of this young writer

Beth Reekles penned an article at The Guardian about how indie publishing via online writing communities and ebooks can provide valuable feedback, and even set you on the path to mainstream success. From the article: News that a quarter of the top 100 Kindle books on Amazon.com are from indie publishers doesn’t surprise me. I started …

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Amazon reports self-publishing accounts for 25% of top 100 ebook sales in U.S.

Yep.  Since 2007, the self-publishing part of the ebook pie has been sizable.  In just a few years, the self-published author has gone from zero to hero, owning 25% of the top 100 ebook market, as reported by Amazon.  No matter how many reports  traditional publishers put out – saying people are eschewing ebooks, that …

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