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Isn’t it MORE expensive to add more armed goons to close down our National Parks?

FINALLY!  It seems that some have figured out that this is a question that needs to be addressed!  According to The Blaze: The Obama administration is considering allowing some national parks to be maintained by states during the partial government shutdown, but is still withholding information from Congress and the public about the cost of …

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Has the National Park Service Gone Completely Insane?

As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I have a great deal of respect and fond memories of my interactions with Park Rangers. Those feelings, however, are eroding.  During the government shutdown, the National Park Service seems to have completely lost it’s little hive mind in various parts of the country: Locking veterans out of the World …

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Two very different ways of celebrating Yosemite’s 123rd Birthday

Today – October 1st, 2013 – Google is celebrating Yosemite National Park’s 123rd birthday with a Doodle. Also today Yosemite (and other national parks) are closed due to the government shutdown. The federal government partially shut down at midnight on Tuesday because of the continuing zany antics of the most hate-filled and divisive President and …

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