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BBC News reports that self-publishing is a ‘wonderful phenomenon’

BBC News is reporting that 2012 was a record year for the UK publishing industry. The Publishers Association Statistics Yearbook reported total revenues of £3.34B with digital sale hitting £411M, and sales of physical books coming in at £2.9B. “Self-publishing has been a wonderful phenomenon,” said Richard Mollett, chief executive of The Publishers Association. “It has […]

OverDrive and Sourcebooks Launch Ebook Experiment Through Libraries

Overdrive has sent a letter to librarians worldwide inviting them to join a pilot program called “Big Library Read” running from May 15th through June 1st. This unique program allows all participating libraries to feature the Sourcebook title “Four Corners of the Sky” by Michael Malone simultaneously on all of their respective OverDrive homepages at […]

eBook Sales Overtake Print Sales at Amazon UK

In only two short years since Amazon started selling Kindles in the UK, Amazon’s customers are now buying more ebooks than hardback and other print books combined. According to the Guardian, for every 100 hardback and paperback books it sells on it’s UK site, Amazon sells 114 ebooks.