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Kindle Scout has officially rolled out!

Kindle Scout is a “reader powered” publishing program offered by Amazon where authors can submit their new never-been-published books and be considered for a publishing contract by Kindle Press. Books that make the cut will be published by Kindle Press.  They’ll receive a publishing contract with 5-year (renewable) terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty […]

J.A. Konrath: Fisking Donald Maass

Oh. My. Goodness. My favorite author has just spanked the Emerald City Doorman hard enough that it’s going to leave a mark.  And Mr. Maass is going to have a severe limp for quite awhile! It’s no secret that I am an indie-publishing heretic, posting often and everywhere about how every author should look into […]

Amazon reports self-publishing accounts for 25% of top 100 ebook sales in U.S.

Yep.  Since 2007, the self-publishing part of the ebook pie has been sizable.  In just a few years, the self-published author has gone from zero to hero, owning 25% of the top 100 ebook market, as reported by Amazon.  No matter how many reports  traditional publishers put out – saying people are eschewing ebooks, that […]

Helicon Books eBook Quality Assurance Service Offers Writers EPUB Review and Report Ahead of Publishing

A free tool from Helicon Books, the online EPUB validation, aims to save writers time and money when publishing eBooks by offering them a full review and report of critical errors in their document ensuring a smoother process to market, including quality assurance against iBooks and Kobo specific guidelines. Helicon Books’ EPUB Quality Assurance (QA) […]

Manifrotto recommends a great book for landscape photographers

Jose Antunes has posted reviews of a number of great photography books, including one of the great ones about landscape photography.  From the post: There are tens of eBooks about landscape photography, making it hard to choose one. Still, if I could only buy one, this would be it: “Visual Flow – Mastering the Art […]