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Experimental Digital Publishing Magazine Debuts as iPad Publication to Showcase Innovation in Indie Digital Media (Books, Games, Animation, Stills, Music & Video, Code)

XDP Magazine introduces today’s most cutting edge creativity to tech-savvy readers by highlighting groundbreaking independent publishing and the culture surrounding it. XDP Magazine brings to light the concepts that are changing the way we view and create media, from 3D printed objects to interactive installations. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 19, 2013 – Experimental Digital Publishing …

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OverDrive and Sourcebooks Launch Ebook Experiment Through Libraries

Overdrive has sent a letter to librarians worldwide inviting them to join a pilot program called “Big Library Read” running from May 15th through June 1st. This unique program allows all participating libraries to feature the Sourcebook title “Four Corners of the Sky” by Michael Malone simultaneously on all of their respective OverDrive homepages at …

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Question: What is the hardest thing about publishing an ebook?

This question was recently asked in a group I’m part of.  Here’s the whole question: Question: What is the hardest thing about publishing an ebook?  I’m curious what problems here people have had with publishing ebooks themselves. i’m currently working on two books that I want to release as ebooks, but I’d like to avoid …

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