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Environmentalism, Budget Cuts to blame for Rim Fire

As the Rim fire continues to burn closer and into Yosemite, nobody seems to want to point out why this fire is burning so well, or so fast. The answer is environmentalism, and budget cuts that have prohibited proper forest conservation. Environmentalism is the idiotic belief that man knows what’s best for the forest, and …

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Who Watches the Watchers at Mono Lake?

With their usual regard for conservation and the environment, the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (DWP)continues to display their professional ineptitude and scandalous behavior.  All efforts to protect and restore Mono Lake have been undermined by the DWP since they made a unilateral power-grab of lake monitoring operations and started diverting $10,000,000 in water …

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Merced River Plan – Bad Idea. REALLY Bad Idea

The Mercury News published an article by Paul Rogers, titled “Yosemite National Park may ban horse, bike and raft rentals, and remove ice rink and pools.”  You can read it HERE. It’s a good article, and Paul is a good writer, and he lays everything out really well. Personally, I have issues with the plan; …

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