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California on Vimeo

A GORGEOUS time-lapse of our beautiful state like you’ve probably never seen it. It took four years to put this together; “The average clip took 1-3 hours to film and another 3-10 hours to edit. Several cuts are from clips more than 24 hours long. I shot 423 clips over four years to make this, …

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Happy 125th Birthday, Orange County!

Congratulations on your quasi … quenti … quadralater … err, Happy Quasquicentennial! Yep, the county I was born in and grew up in is now way old.  Way, way old.  Here’s a bit of a look back at Orange County, California: On this date back in 1889 Orange County was officially formed In celebration of …

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Ethanol production continues to drain California’s water resources during drought

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a scientist.  I’m just a guy who believes in conservation and making California the best it can be.  Now that we’re three years into below-average rainfall in California and even the sluggish state government has decided that we’re in a drought, it’s time to look at …

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