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Self-Publishing 101: Using the Right Search Words

 has posted over at Western Fictioneers about using the right search words to use when listing your novel over at Amazon.  From the blog: Search words are one of the most important tools used to sell a novel, so you want to use them wisely. At Amazon you are allowed 7. That’s it, so you …

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Amazon Source – the best of both worlds

Now customers don’t have to choose between eBooks and their favorite bookstore! Indie bookstores can now work hand-in-hand with Amazon to confront the changing world of publishing.  Bookstore owners often see ebooks and ebook readers as an adversary – and Amazon as the ultimate evil and destroyer of bookstores worldwide.  That’s never been the case; …

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The Guardian and L.A. Times continue crusade against self-publishing

The L.A. Times is parroting an article first reported in The Guardian: “98 British publishers folded last year due to e-books, discounts” The original article published November 4th in the Guardian has a headline screaming “Ebooks and discounts drive 98 publishers out of business” with a subhead of “Number of closures is 42% up on …

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