Applicants Wanted for U.S. Forest Service Wildfire Training Camp Designed for Women

The U.S. Forest Service is looking for a few great women! According to the Angeles National Forest website, USFS fire management officials are actively searching for thirty female candidates for the Fourth Annual Women-in-Wildfire Basic Training Camp 2020 edition. This is a great opportunity to get trained for entry-level wildland firefighter jobs that are available […]

Why do California drivers rarely give signal when changing lanes?

This question was posed to me, and the answer is pretty simple: People in California very often do use their turn signals. In California, though, the turn signal is a challenge. It has nothing to do with being inconsiderate or laziness. It’s a peacock showing colors, or a baboon showing it’s big colorful butt. It’s […]

Why does the Sierra Club even bother to call itself “Sierra Club” anymore?

This group continues to claim they have some nonsensical “complex history” when they – quite clearly – do not. They’re just environmental extremists who have no clue as to how to be good stewards of the planet. They don’t understand conservation. And using “Sierra” in their name doesn’t make much sense as they have no […]

Space Force Announces Major Reorganization

Today the United States Space Force did some major reorganization to restructure, modernize, and bring the commands in line with the direction the service. The announcement came in the way of  livestreamed reorganization ceremony that featured Chief of Space Operations General John W. Raymond and Chief Master Sgt. Roger A. Towberman.

American Wildlife Conservation Partners Release “Wildlife for the 21st Century Volume VI”

The American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) has released the latest volume of their seminal publication, “Wildlife for the 21st Century.” Volume six is designed to help policymakers in the Executive as well as Congressional branches of the federal government make informed decisions regarding the implementation of science-based conservation of wildlife. This manuscript and the recommendations […]