Some of the BEST camp food you’ll ever have is inside this cookbook!!!

The Overland Cook
food on the trail with ovrlndx
by Marco A. Hernandez

For a very long time I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or off-roading, I truly enjoy nature, the open air, and the freedom that comes with exploring.

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Why do writers still need publishing companies, when you can self publish?

Writers don’t need publishing companies. They haven’t needed publishing companies for more than a decade.

Writers also shouldn’t self-publish. With the maturation of the indie publishing community, there are professionals (the exact same professionals who work for publishing companies) who can help any anyone with a manuscript go from writer to author.

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Plan your National Park Visits for 2020 during Fee Free Days!

National Park Service Announces Entrance Fee-Free Days for 2020

One of America’s greatest treasures, our national parks, grasslands, and monuments are always worth visiting – but they’re even better to visit when they’re FREE!

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California State Parks Fences Off 48 Acres at Oceano Dunes SVRA

to meet January 1, 2020 Air Quality Requirement – Department honoring all current reservations

California State Parks began putting up fencing at the foredune area on December 16, 2019. The area being locked down extends from Post 4-1/2 to Post 6, for those of you familiar with the area. the fencing project will be complete by the January 1, 2020 deadline, which was set under the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District Stipulated Order of Abatement.

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Silly questions people ask me – Disney Edition

Question: What is the biggest mistake Disney has ever made in adding a ride or a park?

Answer: While there are a great many answers from long-time passholders that go straight to the easy-to-mock RocketRods, I’m going to go with:

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