Rick Warren Opens PEACE Center

A post about religionPastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church has detractors, critics and naysayers.  He’s also got one of the largest congregations I’ve ever seen.  Having been to his ‘Mall of God’ facility in Lake Forest, it’s difficult not to be uplifted by all of the buoyant spirits of the members, volunteers and employees of his Church.

The latest offering is a facility called the “PEACE Center” which is located at the Lake Forest campus.  Pastor Rick is calling it “Saddleback’s Christmas gift to Southern California.” Continue reading

ISBN Recommendations from BISG

I’ve read the Policy Statement from the Book Industry Study GroupPOL-1101 – where they lay out their policy recommendations for identifying digital products.

Although ISBN stands for INTERNATIONAL Standard Book Number, the recommendation is “applicable to content intended for distribution to the general public in North America but could be applied elsewhere as well.”


Anyway, the part that I found interesting was in the “General Rules for ISBN Assignment” section. In it, the rules for digital books are laid out: Continue reading

Myth of the Poor Man’s Copyright

Poor Man’s Copyright is an idiotic belief promulgated by amateur writers and screenwriters on blogs and other social media sites that – by mailing a copy of the writer’s work through the U.S. Postal Service – a writer can protect said work.

In fact, here’s a recent internet entry about PMC – spelling errors and all: Continue reading

Brute Double Cab Update

From the American Expedition Vehicles website:

“…When we released the TJ Brute in 2002 at the Las Vegas SEMA Show, not even Chrysler really knew it was coming and it was the absolute hit of the show. It was great to see the reactions, because at the time nothing like it had ever been done to such a high level of quality. Well, we did it again. Introducing the AEV Brute Double Cab, a double body and separate box pickup truck conversion for JK Wranglers. This is the real deal, targeted at the Overland crowd, this is a vehicle that will perform exceptionally well off-road compared to a Dodge Ram or Dakota, while having more storage room than a four door Wrangler could ever offer. Continue reading

Screenwriting Resources

The world of screenwriting is constantly evolving, just like the filmmaking industry.  Hollywood is a living, breathing entity.

The downside of evolution – especially in an industry – is that many people feel that the changes will adversely affect them, or that they’ll lose their power.  So they build fortresses to try to control their section of the landscape.  There are very few who can survive by doing this.

I’m constantly in touch with people in the industry, and there are new resources for screenwriters every single day.  Some are good, some … not so much.  This page will showcase the resources that I feel every screenwriter should know about and utilize.  I’ll update periodically – but only with a resource that I feel is beneficial to you, the screenwriter. Continue reading