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Question: How would you suggest getting past the dreaded “we do not accept unsolicited material” notice?

It’s really simple: you send a query letter. Companies DO NOT want to see your screenplay; that is the “unsolicited material” they don’t accept. They’ll accept query letters all day long. Do your due diligence: find out who you contact, and send your query letter specifically to that person (or department). That’s the professional way …

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Q&A: I have a number of ideas for screenplays, I have been ripped off before, how do I get paid?

Unfortunately, you’re a poster child for why it’s so difficult to get manuscripts in front of agents and studios; you say you’ve been ‘ripped off’ which is a HUGE red flag and wave-off. Nobody wants to deal with a problem that could lead to a lawsuit. You also don’t have a screenplay. You’ve got ‘a …

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Today in Awesome Film History: The Maltese Falcon

On October 3, 1941 first-time director John Huston’s film ‘The Maltese Falcon’ premiered in New York City starring first-time leading man Humphrey Bogart. From Wikipedia: The Maltese Falcon is a 1941 Warner Bros. film noir based on the novel of the same name by Dashiell Hammett.Directed by John Huston, the film stars Humphrey Bogart as …

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MILIUS gets intimate at the Telluride Film Festival’s Backlot

The Telluride Film Festival, presented by the National Film Preserve, has announced the official program selections for the festival’s 40th anniversary. Among the films being presented is MILIUS, Directed by Zak Knutson and Joey Figueroa. MILIUS is a documentary about the career of one of the most legendary, influential, and controversial directors in Hollywood: John …

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Advice for Writers – Duct Tape

The question was recently asked on a NaNoWriMo Facebook page, “Those of you with children, when do you squeeze in time to write?” The correct answer?  Two words: Duct Tape. Your children will appreciate it later when you’ve earned enough in royalties to pay for their therapy.