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Jul 02

Scribd cuts off romance and erotica

Scribd, the subscription-based content platform has apparently alerted its publishing partners that it will be dropping a number of romance and erotica titles from its ebook catalog.  Smashwords CEO Mark Coker announced the news on the Smashwords website yesterday, along with the estimate that Scribd will drop 80-90% of the Smashwords romance and erotica titles.  Mark …

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Mar 31

The Case of the Complaining Author

There are many reason that authors fail.  The most glaringly obvious one is that they don’t treat their writing as a business. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a post that seemed to indicate that an eBook listed on Amazon was showing the wrong content when a potential buyer clicked on the “look …

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Dec 10

Indie Publishing: Best software for creating eBooks

Question: What Windows application can I use to create beautifully looking e-books, withe possibility to export in both PDF and Kindle? Answer: There are a few options. But first: PDF isn’t an ebook format. Please don’t make the mistake that others have by trying to sell a PDF file. If you want to create an …

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Oct 17

Kindle Scout has officially rolled out!

Kindle Scout is a “reader powered” publishing program offered by Amazon where authors can submit their new never-been-published books and be considered for a publishing contract by Kindle Press. Books that make the cut will be published by Kindle Press.  They’ll receive a publishing contract with 5-year (renewable) terms, a $1,500 advance, 50% eBook royalty …

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Jul 20

Question: Can an amateur author make their book available online for download to the Kindle and the Nook?

Question: Can an amateur author make their book available online for download to the Kindle and the Nook? Basically is there any way to digitally self publish? Answer: Well, of COURSE there is. But why would you limit yourself to Amazon and B&N? The Holy Trinity of Self-Publishing is: Kindle Direct Publishing Smashwords Createspace

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Jun 10

Burying the Hachette

Keith Cronin posted a great article about the ongoing Amazon/Hachette nonsense over at Writer Unboxed.  Personally, I firmly feel that Hachette is doing all of their authors a HUGE disservice by continuing this idiotic business war, and I feel that it’s making them look bad.  My favorite observation from this article: “This is something that …

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Apr 09

75% of authors misuse free ebook promotion

I just read a post that cites an imaginary statistic, and that is so absolutely flawed in it’s premise that I felt the need to put pixel to screen in the hopes of correcting this gross error.  From the post: “…Now this is a very important mistake and 75% of the authors do that. They …

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