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ISBN Recommendations from BISG

I’ve read the Policy Statement from the Book Industry Study Group – POL-1101 – where they lay out their policy recommendations for identifying digital products. Although ISBN stands for INTERNATIONAL Standard Book Number, the recommendation is “applicable to content intended for distribution to the general public in North America but could be applied elsewhere as […]

Myth of the Poor Man’s Copyright

Poor Man’s Copyright is an idiotic belief promulgated by amateur writers and screenwriters on blogs and other social media sites that – by mailing a copy of the writer’s work through the U.S. Postal Service – a writer can protect said work. In fact, here’s a recent internet entry about PMC – spelling errors and […]

Screenwriting Resources

The world of screenwriting is constantly evolving, just like the filmmaking industry.  Hollywood is a living, breathing entity. The downside of evolution – especially in an industry – is that many people feel that the changes will adversely affect them, or that they’ll lose their power.  So they build fortresses to try to control their […]