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Why do California drivers rarely give signal when changing lanes?

This question was posed to me, and the answer is pretty simple: People in California very often do use their turn signals. In California, though, the turn signal is a challenge. It has nothing to do with being inconsiderate or laziness. It’s a peacock showing colors, or a baboon showing it’s big colorful butt. It’s […]

Jeep Introduces 392 Powered Wrangler

To start: I want to congratulate Ford on a successful second-place finish with the introduction of the new Bronco. Jeep beat ya by 2 cylinders, a mountain of horsepower, and a buttload of torque. I do, truly, appreciate the technical prowess of your turbo six, but there’s no replacement for displacement.

Jeep’s Badge of Honor mobile app update adds new trails!

Since its introduction way back in 2013, the Jeep Badge of Honor program has been the only official Jeep off-road program exclusively for Jeep brand vehicles. The program was developed and is operated by the Jeep brand and FCA US LLC. This is a fantastic program that allows Jeep owners to discover trails, engage with […]

2020 Easter Jeep Safari CANCELLED

Red Rock 4-Wheelers, Inc., organizers for the Easter Jeep Safari, have officially cancelled the 2020 edition of the long-running event. I’m not particularly thrilled with this development, as I feel that it doesn’t show an ‘overabundance of caution’ so much as it shows an overabundance of ignorance. I don’t blame Red Rock, I blame Utah, […]

How bad is a Jeep Wrangler for travelling and long trips?

Depends on which Wrangler you’re talking about. Older Wranglers – from 1987 through 1996 – known as the YJ, replaced the CJ7. This is the first Jeep officially called the “Wrangler” by the parent company. These came in only one body style, offering a short wheelbase, wider stance, and the same leaf spring suspension of […]