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Dec 17

What is the best year/model of Jeep that a Jeep Wrangler fanatic would recommend?

Question: What is the best year/model of Jeep that a Jeep Wrangler fanatic would recommend? I am planning to get a Jeep Wrangler to fix and customize. I want to know which model/year to pick for good performance. Answer: It depends on what you want from your Jeep. CJ-5 The CJ-5 is a fantastic vehicle, and …

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Jul 15

CA 4WD Association’s Sierra Trek 2015 – August 6-9

California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. is holding their annual Sierra Trek this August. It’s a great adventure! Sierra Trek registration closes July 24, so get head over to the website today! From Cal4Wheel: The 48th annual Sierra Trek is a Cal4Wheel event which is located in California’s beautiful Tahoe National Forest. This family oriented …

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Jul 15

Marine Corps announces Johnson Valley closure for military training

From the Bureau of Land Management: The Marine Corps recently notified BLM of their plans to utilize the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area for military training from August 1-30, 2016, and of the associated temporary closure. BLM is working with the Marines to address issues associated with this military training/closure, and to keep the public …

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Jun 05

Q: What is the best year/model of Jeep that a Jeep Wrangler fanatic would recommend?

A: Depends on what you want from your Jeep. The CJ5 is a fantastic vehicle, and it’s ridiculously inexpensive. The best years for that, again, depend on what you want. The 72-75s have a Dana 44 rear and a V8 option. The 76 and newer have a more robust chassis, but a smaller engine bay. …

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Apr 01

Name change: California Four Wheel Drive Association

Just got an email from the California Association of 4WD Clubs, Inc. letting me know that they’re not them anymore. They’re now the “California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc.” which does roll off the tongue a bit better. From the email: During the annual meeting in February the association’s delegates approved the bylaw proposal put …

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Jul 06

Remembering Mark A. Smith, founder of Jeep Jamboree

On June 9, 2014 a legend passed away.  It is fitting that Mark Smith was eulogized on the website, as the man had contributed so much to Jeep culture over the years. From the Jeep blog: There are certain types of people who only come around once in a lifetime. They are the kind of …

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Apr 19

Jeep Owners Go Topless May 17th, 2014!

All Things Jeep is getting geared up for the 7th Annual Go Topless Day coming up on May 17th.  From the website: Go Topless Day is when we celebrate the love, spirit, and sense of fun & adventure that comes with owning a Jeep. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: TAKE THE TOP OFF YOUR JEEP. This one requires …

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