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California State Parks to Host Day One Hikes Statewide January 1, 2020 – Join In!

If the holidays treated you right this season, you’ve got a few extra holiday calories you can safely let go of. What better way to do that than with a First Day Hike in the most beautiful state in the nation: California, the Golden State! This year marks the 10th year California State Parks has […]

Hiking Review: Quail Hill Loop

Quail Hill offers a few hiking, biking, and horse riding options from the Quail Hill Trailhead and Staging Area.  The Trailhead is located on Shady Canyon Drive, just past Fossil Road on the right.  To get there from the 405, take the Sand Canyon / Shady Canyon exit towards Shady Canyon Drive.  Enter the traffic […]

fundraiser at the historic Sturtevant Camp

Friends of Echo Mountain have posted on Facebook about a fundraiser this Sunday, January 25.  From Facebook: Busy Sunday? There will be a fundraiser at the historic Sturtevant Camp in the Santa Anita canyon area. The camp is located approximately 4 miles from the chantry flat station. It is a easy to moderate hike through some […]

Revised Goal: SoCal Six Pack of Peaks

Since I didn’t win the Mount Whitney Lottery this year, I’ve opted for a different goal.  This goal is actually a series of goals, and will – in theory – help me to train better to get my fat ass into shape to conquer the formidable peak that Mount Whitney is. There is a series […]

Four Mile Trail reopened!

Four Mile Trail from Yosemite Valley to Glacier Point has reopened. It’s usually closed from December through May because of “dangerous winter conditions,” with the last mile to the top almost NEVER opened up until May.  Even though we’re experiencing a mild winter here on the west coast, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for […]