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Newly Renovated Pfeiffer Falls Trail in Big Sur Now Open!

California State Parks and Save the Redwoods League work tirelessly to reopen popular trail On June 21, 2008 a lightning strike ignited the Basin Complex Fire, a wildfire that swept through 162,818 acres near Big Sur, forcing evacuations, and burning most of the Ventana Wilderness area. The fire destroyed much of the Pfeiffer Big Sur […]

Camping and Hiking using

2020 was a difficult year for travelers, wanderers, adventurers, and explorers here in California. I did get out – sometimes with groups, sometimes furtively by myself – and was rewarded with solitude, silence, and freedom within the great cathedrals of nature that California offers from the deserts to the beaches, to the mountains and deep […]

The Solitary Trail

I’m not an introvert. I don’t suffer from Anthropophobia. In fact, I’m quite the social person. I just don’t like people. As a hiker, I’m hardly the perfect specimen. So I clearly don’t hike for any of the physical benefits. As an off-roader, I’m not a technical rockcrawler nor a long distance overlander.

Welcome to Rattlesnake Weather in California 2020

We’re all getting ready to go back outside. This year I’m planning on writing a couple of books about Jeeping, so I probably won’t be hiking as much as I’d like (much to my bathroom scale’s distress). I’ll still be out there – I’ve got a Mount Whitney hike planned for later this year, and […]

California State Parks to Host Day One Hikes Statewide January 1, 2020 – Join In!

If the holidays treated you right this season, you’ve got a few extra holiday calories you can safely let go of. What better way to do that than with a First Day Hike in the most beautiful state in the nation: California, the Golden State! This year marks the 10th year California State Parks has […]