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Adventure16 – Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t find Adventure16 early on in my “adventuring” days. I did the flannel shirt / jeans heavy hiking book wandering that resulted in great weight management (because I was sweating so damned much carrying the ridiculously oversized / overweight rigid frame canvas backpack), and did most of […]

Some of the BEST camp food you’ll ever have is inside this cookbook!!!

The Overland Cookfood on the trail with ovrlndxby Marco A. Hernandez For a very long time I have been an avid outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, or off-roading, I truly enjoy nature, the open air, and the freedom that comes with exploring.

Joe Pikul’s Cedar Strip Prospector

I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for wooden canoes and kayaks.  Especially those of the cedar strip variety.  It takes quite a bit of work, and some serious fabrication skills to get a boat to look just right. Katie McKy has posted over at Canoe & Kayak about a builder named Joe Pikul […]

Gear Review: New Balance 1569

I purchased the New Balance 1569 (“Mens Walking” MW1569BR) at the first of the year. I was looking for some hiking boots that were more than just ‘sneakers with off-road tread’ and less than ‘serious’ backpacking boots. I wanted something I could comfortably wear on the hiking I do in the local mountains, but versatile […]

REI ends the ‘forever return’ policy

And it’s about damned time! When I first began to become the rugged outdoorsman that I’ve become (along about the time they cancelled Miami Vice and ABC aired the Moonlighting episode that jumped the shark (Season 3, Episode 14, “I Am Curious… Maddie” … if your show is built on sexual tension between co-stars NEVER LET […]