Category: California Wildlife

Oct 30

CDFW Resumes Trout Planting in Kern and Tulare County Waterways

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has started planting catchable rainbow trout in Kern and Tulare County rivers and lakes last month after water temperatures cooled enough to ensure success. The first fish from the Kern River Hatchery were put into the Kern River above Kernville and more fish will be planted from …

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Oct 03

Brown signs bill to fix fire fee provisions

From Capital Press: Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a bill that reduces penalties for late payments of rural fire prevention fees and waives the fees for landowners who’ve lost their residences to fire. SACRAMENTO — The more than 800,000 rural California residents charged $150 per structure for fire prevention will get some relief in certain …

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Sep 08

Meadow Fire grows to 700 acres

ABC News is reporting that the week old Meadow Fire has grown to 700 acres. From a smaller 100-acre blaze, the fire has suddenly flared up, jumping to 300 acres yesterday and igniting an additional 400 acres overnight. From their website: A wildfire in Yosemite National Park grew to 700 acres Sunday, with about 100 …

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Jul 27

Yosemite – El Portal Fire expands to 2,100 acres

The El Portal fire started on the afternoon of Saturday, July 26th in the Old El Portal area of Yosemite National Park. As of 6:00am on Sunday, July 27th, the fire has grown to an estimated 2,100 acres with 5% containment. Multiple structures are threatened, one structure is reported as lost. The Old El Portal and Foresta communities, along with …

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Jul 22

Bald Eagles Expand Territories to Five of the Eight Channel Islands

From the National Park Service: Bald eagles continue to expand on the California Channel Islands with the discovery of a nesting pair on San Clemente Island for the first time in over 50 years. This discovery means that bald eagles have reestablished territories now on five of the eight Channel Islands following their disappearance from …

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Jul 19

Fish Gun: Salmon shooting coming to a dam near you

You’ll believe a salmon can fly… It sounds like something from a Monty Python skit or maybe even from a Sunday night Fox cartoon: launching salmon across a room.  It’s not.  It’s a business. From  Adventure Journal: Many Pacific Northwest dams, both large and small, lack fish ladders – effectively closing off hundreds of miles of …

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May 26

Today, I screamed like a little girl and boldly ran away from a tiny rattlesnake

I’m not too proud to admit it: snakes are scary.  Not spider scary, but scary nonetheless.  So, since summer is quickly approaching, here’s some timely tips from the USDA so you don’t end up looking like me … running away from a tiny little 1.5′ lightning-fast rattlesnake: Warmer weather lures humans to the outdoors about …

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