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Why does the Sierra Club even bother to call itself “Sierra Club” anymore?

This group continues to claim they have some nonsensical “complex history” when they – quite clearly – do not. They’re just environmental extremists who have no clue as to how to be good stewards of the planet. They don’t understand conservation. And using “Sierra” in their name doesn’t make much sense as they have no …

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American Wildlife Conservation Partners Release “Wildlife for the 21st Century Volume VI”

The American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP) has released the latest volume of their seminal publication, “Wildlife for the 21st Century.” Volume six is designed to help policymakers in the Executive as well as Congressional branches of the federal government make informed decisions regarding the implementation of science-based conservation of wildlife. This manuscript and the recommendations …

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20 Million Young Chinook Salmon Released Into the Wild!

Just in time for fishing season, hatcheries operated by the Central Valley California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) have completed the final release of Chinook salmon. These smolts are raised in state-run hatcheries and released yearly into the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, the Delta and San Pablo bay. In two years or so, …

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California Department of Fish and Wildlife Lifts Delay of Trout Opener in Inyo County

On April 15, 2020 the California Fish and Game Commission determined that a “temporary, adaptive approach was needed to give the California Department of Fish and Wildlife the ability to suspend sport fishing in any waters of the state or restrict the taking of any fish species to protect public health and safety from the immediate threat posed by COVID-19”

Welcome to Rattlesnake Weather in California 2020

We’re all getting ready to go back outside. This year I’m planning on writing a couple of books about Jeeping, so I probably won’t be hiking as much as I’d like (much to my bathroom scale’s distress). I’ll still be out there – I’ve got a Mount Whitney hike planned for later this year, and …

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