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Thousands Visit California State Parks for Wildflower Season

Visitors Reminded to Plan and Be Prepared for the Outdoors California State Parks News Release, Borrego Springs – California Department of Parks and Recreation encourages visitors exploring state parks during the wildflower season to properly plan and prepare for their trips. Thanks to this year’s rain, many state parks are experiencing wildflower blooms. This is …

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Secret Cabin Found in Arcata Community Forest Park

Arcata Community Forest Environmental Services Director Mark Andre has discovered a hidden cabin deep in a remote section of the forest. Not just some tear-down thing thrown together with locally-sourced refuse and detritus, but a real cabin made with a frame built on a concrete block foundation with a real roof and even a porch with a wooden awning. …

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Orange County Park Ranger Badge

When you visit an OC Park, you’re greeted by Park Rangers and members of the Ranger Reserves.  They’re special group of men and women who serve our county and help visitors enjoy our beautiful spaces.  One aspect of the Park Ranger uniform is the unique badge that identifies the individual. Throughout the history of the …

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