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Shawn E. Bell is an American author, screenwriter, publisher, naturalist, and media god currently living in Southern California.

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Jeep Introduces 392 Powered Wrangler

To start: I want to congratulate Ford on a successful second-place finish with the introduction of the new Bronco. Jeep beat ya by 2 cylinders, a mountain of horsepower, and a buttload of torque. I do, truly, appreciate the technical prowess of your turbo six, but there’s no replacement for displacement.

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United States Forest Service clears the air about “satanic cult” signs popping up in the San Bernardino Mountains

I got an email asking about a sign that someone had seen up at Jenks Lake in the San Bernardino mountains. I hadn’t heard of any new signs, but checked it out. It appears that there’s a sign posted stating that there’s “increased satanic cult activity” in the area. The “sign” is an 8.5”x11” sheet …

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California Department of Fish and Wildlife reacts quickly to stop spread of virus in fish hatcheries

Awhile ago I posted about the release of Chinook Salmon into the wild. I received some email asking about the annual release of rainbow trout, and noticed that there wasn’t anything coming from the ten fish hatcheries that usually participate in this.

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Adventure Scientists: Recruiting Volunteer Adventurers to be Citizen Scientists

Founded in 2011, Adventure Scientists has focused on a unique niche: gathering scientific data from far-flung remote areas without requiring huge expeditions or outlaying mountains of cash to train teams on how to survive these trips.

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Room with a View … And Not Much Else – Booking a Fire Lookout Rental in California

Next Level Camping is what I was looking for when I discovered you could rent fire lookouts. I’d been a member of the Forest Fire Lookout Association for years because I lived close to the Butler Peak Fire Lookout while up in Big Bear, and thought that I’d eventually be able to volunteer at the …

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