About the Author

Shawn Bell is an American author, screenwriter, publisher, naturalist, and media god currently living in Southern California.

Shawn first appeared in print with technical works in 1985. As a software architect, Mr. Bell has been instrumental in the design and implementation of a number of professional software packages since 1982.

He turned a side gig as a screenplay ghostwriter into a second career, and has worked extensively in the independent film niche in Hollywood, polishing and reworking screenplays and consulting on the works of others.

He has been a mentor to small groups of new writers, and continues to work behind the scenes to help aspiring screenwriters learn how to present themselves and break into the competitive screenwriting industry.

As an author, Shawn works daily with writers to help them transform their manuscripts into published works as both eBooks and dead-tree, physical books.

An avid reader, Shawn’s writing and creativity have been inspired by Mark Twain, Robert A. Heinlein, C.S. Lewis, Isaac Asimov, Lawrence Kasdan and Jeffrey Boam. He has an enduring respect for luminaries like Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, Henry Ford, John Huston, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg

He also devotes a large portion of his time to philanthropic endeavors by anonymously supporting various nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to assisting Veterans, aiding the homeless, and preserving America’s great aviation heritage.

Shawn spends his free time flying, auto racing, hiking and kayaking.

“We only get one trip around the sun, make it count!” – Shawn E. Bell

Need to get ahold of Shawn?  You can reach him HERE.