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2020 was a difficult year for travelers, wanderers, adventurers, and explorers here in California. I did get out – sometimes with groups, sometimes furtively by myself – and was rewarded with solitude, silence, and freedom within the great cathedrals of nature that California offers from the deserts to the beaches, to the mountains and deep forests.

As with any exploration, it’s all about knowledge and preparedness. My hardware set is pretty solid – if I can’t get out of a jamb, I can call someone to come and find me – but this year my software set has been a bit lacking. 

When prepping for a trip, I always try to reach out to find out what is open, what isn’t and where people aren’t. This year people were either working remotely … or not at all. So prep was hit or miss. It was really aggravating.

I recently had the opportunity to do some couch-based exploring, and found a fantastic website that hosts quite a bit of information about many outdoor recreation areas. is a site lovingly crafted by Brad Morgan, that includes a TON of information about places we all wish we could be at (instead of sitting at home wondering what that smell is that’s coming from the government-mandated masks we are required to wear).

I was particularly impressed with the information he’s put together on the Tahoe National Forest. He’s got links to campgrounds, hiking, vacation rentals, maps, and – important to those of us who love to eat, but don’t necessarily bring food to camp – restaurants!

Make sure you check out Brad’s website when you’re researching your next adventure, it’s well worth the click!

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