CDFW launches blog all about the bears in Lake Tahoe

Bears are a big thing (literally!) in Lake Tahoe. There’s a whole section of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website devoted to the black bear!

Because they’re in the news so often up in Lake Tahoe, The CDFW has launched a new blog called “Bear Naked Truth” to provide accurate and up-to-date information on bear activity in the Tahoe Basin.

From the CDFW website: “It’s been a busy summer in Lake Tahoe with regard to bear activity and conflicts,” said Jordan Traverso, CDFW’s deputy director of communications. “One of the things we’ve learned from this is that there is a tremendous hunger among residents for reliable, truthful and practical information about bear activity and CDFW’s policies, management and response to that activity. We expect this new blog to help address that information void.”

The blog offers up CDFW contact information for Lake Tahoe residents dealing with bear issues along with links to CDFW’s bear policies and best practices for living and recreating safely in bear country – which is important whether you’re a resident or a visitor. I’ve only seen a few bears up in that area (I travel the Rubicon Trail every now and then with Jeep groups), but they are something to be aware of – especially if you’re traveling with food!

You can find the Bear Naked Truth blog HERE.

“Our responsibilities regarding bears in the Tahoe Basin, and all of California for that matter, are ensuring a healthy black bear population, public safety and education,” Traverso said. “This blog will help advance those goals. Bears can become public safety threats if they become comfortable around people and dependent on human food and garbage. Keeping these bears wild for their own well-being and the well-being of those who live and vacation in Lake Tahoe is in everybody’s best interest.”

Be safe, and I’ll see you out on the trails!

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