Almost Like Being There: Virtual Yosemite

Stuck at home due to the fake mediademic that has allowed Warden Newsom to lock down California? Looking – like I am – out the window at the orange sky as wildfires burn California’s environmentally managed lands?

Here’s a cool website to visit. It can’t get the smells, but it has the visuals and the sounds you’ll hear if you could visit Yosemite National Park: VirtualYosemite.

This website offers an incredible interactive tour of California’s most beautiful national park. The website has more than 250 locations photographed in 360° by Scott Highton, a pioneer in virtual reality photography. Scott, who as spent decades exploring Yosemite, has put together some amazing vistas all presented in high resolution. You can zoom, pan, and look at areas that normally would be accessible … if you could get into the park.

According to the website, more than 95% of the locations are accessible to visitors via the roads or hiking trails. Views from the tops of Yosemite’s cliffs and waterfalls can be views, as well as trail locations within Yosemite Valley.

Check it out!

See you (in this case: virtually) on the trail!

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