Wildfire is Coming … Are you ready?

CAL FIRE has an excellent resource for those of you who live anywhere near a wildfire likely area. Or an area where idiots will host gender reveal parties with by lighting off fireworks in dry brush (it’s a boy, by the way … and congratulations to that new kid whose parents will most likely be arrested, sued, and in debt for quite a while for the stupid act that sparked the El Dorado Fire in San Bernardino County. They should name the kid “Smokey” or “We’re Really Sorry”).

In any case, I’ve dug through the CAL FIRE website, and it’s a pretty thorough breakdown on how to plan, what to know, and how to act during a wildfire event. They also have some great tips on home hardening – like using fire-resistant building materials to protect your home, and what to include in an emergency supply kit in case you have to bug out quickly (which, given that it’s fire, you WILL have to do!).

They’ve even got a great app that allows you to create a custom tailored preparedness plan.

Check it out: ReadyForWildfire

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