Applicants Wanted for U.S. Forest Service Wildfire Training Camp Designed for Women

The U.S. Forest Service is looking for a few great women! According to the Angeles National Forest website, USFS fire management officials are actively searching for thirty female candidates for the Fourth Annual Women-in-Wildfire Basic Training Camp 2020 edition. This is a great opportunity to get trained for entry-level wildland firefighter jobs that are available throughout California specifically for women.

This year’s training camp will be held the third week in November, and the entire camp will be led by female firefighters who boast over 60 years of combined experience! These awesome firefighters will train students on basic firefighting technique and fire behavior, and students all learn and train on fire suppression equipment used by the Forest Service including fire engines!

Now, this isn’t an easy camp – I certainly couldn’t do it (my excuse is that I’m a guy, I’m old, and I’m afraid I’d get the vapors with all that exercise and stuff). There is daily physical exercise and field drills, and all applicants have to pass the federal firefighters work capacity test as part of the application process.

From the U.S. Forest Service website: 

“The camp is physically challenging for some trainees. Daily physical exercise and in field drills structured for the camp were developed to help applicants experience actual wildland field environment under the supervision of experienced women supervisors. Participants must pass the federal firefighter’s work capacity test, at the arduous-level as part of the application process.”

(Yes, “arduous-level” is the name of the test level, and they use words like “above-average endurance” and “superior conditioning” in the description, so … I’m out.)

The 2020 Women in Wildfire Basic Training Camp begins Monday, November 16th, and ends Sunday, the 22nd.  You’ll be fed and stay at the Little Tujunga Hotshot base in Sylmar. Each candidate will have all training material, specialized equipment, and clothing provided.

It’s a great camp, and I highly recommend it. You can apply for a space HERE.

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