United States Forest Service clears the air about “satanic cult” signs popping up in the San Bernardino Mountains

I got an email asking about a sign that someone had seen up at Jenks Lake in the San Bernardino mountains. I hadn’t heard of any new signs, but checked it out. It appears that there’s a sign posted stating that there’s “increased satanic cult activity” in the area. The “sign” is an 8.5”x11” sheet of white paper printed with a inkjet printer and affixed with masking tape.

It’s really amateurish, and according to my sources at the U.S. Forest Service, this sign is fake. No one knows who posted it – yet. 

There is NO threat to campers. There is NO threat to pets. This is the kind of hoax nonsense that ends up getting posted when people have too much time on their hands – as has been the case ever since Gov. Newsom decided to dictate which freedoms that Californians are allowed to have.

from San Bernardino National Forest twitter feed

The Forest Service is asking for any help in locating who posted this thing. If you saw anyone post the sign or have seen the sign, please let the U.S. Forest Service know. You can reach them at (909) 383-5651

To see what is happening in the San Bernardino National Forest, check out the U.S. Forest Service page HERE.

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