U.S. Forest Service Launches Online Map for Designated Recreation Sites in California

The U.S. Forest Service Pacific has launched what they’re calling a “GIS map” (for those of us – like me – who are acronymically deficient, you can just call it the “geographic information system map) that provides information on the current status of campgrounds, day-use, picnic, and other designated recreation sites on national forest ground throughout California.

The information is good on all the areas I checked, but do make sure that you check the national forest website before visiting in case something has changed since the map was last updated. Additionally, not all amenities are necessarily up and running, so make sure you check on parking, campsites, and other access before heading out.

Also, since many open sites are not “fully” open, practice self-sufficiency, and recreate responsibly during your visit to our public lands; pack out your trash, park and camp in designated areas, and – for God’s sake – use fire (if allowed) responsibly.

You can find the interactive map HERE. It’s a good overview with reasonably accurate data. For more specific information on the site, visit the individual forest’s USDA/USFS Pacific Southwest Region website HERE.

From the U.S. Forest Service: “Recreating responsibly will help ensure that expanded access to recreational facilities, services, and opportunities continue. Certain services may still be unavailable; please plan accordingly.”

See you out on the trails!