Q&A: I have a number of ideas for screenplays, I have been ripped off before, how do I get paid?

Unfortunately, you’re a poster child for why it’s so difficult to get manuscripts in front of agents and studios; you say you’ve been ‘ripped off’ which is a HUGE red flag and wave-off. Nobody wants to deal with a problem that could lead to a lawsuit.

You also don’t have a screenplay. You’ve got ‘a number’ of ideas for screenplays. Do you know how many people in Hollywood have ‘a number’ of ideas for screenplays? ALL of them. Which is why ideas are worth nothing.

You also display an incredible amount of naivete when it comes to knowing how the business – and make no mistake: HOLLYWOOD IS A BUSINESS – works.

That’s three strikes. In baseball, you’d be out.

So let’s fix your issues:

  • Change your attitude. Don’t approach the industry as an idiot; there are plenty of those working as waiters, cashiers, extras, comic book store clerks, and janitors in Los Angeles. Approach Hollywood like a business.
  • You have no screenplays. Don’t approach the industry with ideas; nobody gives a shit about your idea. Everyone – even the pigeons that poop on celebrity Porsches – has an idea for a screenplay. Write your damned screenplay.
  • Polish your screenplays. Write query letters to agents and managers. Hire the one that you feel would do the best job for you. This is a business. Run YOUR business like you want to succeed.

That’s how you start.

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