BLM Plans Meetings on Cow Mountain Recreation Management Plan

CowMountainNRASignFrom The BlueRibbon Coalition:

The Bureau of Land Management Ukiah Field Office will hold public scoping meetings in September to gather comments for a recreation management plan for North and South Cow Mountain.

BRC strongly supports the managed OHV recreation program at the Cow Mountain National Recreation Area (NRA). The NRA provides important OHV opportunities for both casual riders and competitors in motorized events.

BRC urges its members to attend the following meetings to show support for the current program and to offer comments on ways to enhance the OHV program. Here are just a couple of ideas:

  • Urge the BLM to continue efforts to site an OHV staging/camping area off of Highway 175 to provide improved access for larger vehicles such as RVs or trailers to the southern portion of the NRA.
  • Urge the BLM to continue looking for improved OHV access such as companion trails or connector trails to the east side staging area near Lakeport.
  • Urge the BLM to continue competition motorized events on the NRA.

From the Bureau of Land Management:

Meetings will be held Sept. 22 at the Ukiah Field Office, 2550 North State St., Ukiah and Sept. 24 at the Lake County Court House, 255 North Forbes St., Lakeport. Both meetings will be from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

Comments gathered in the scoping meetings will be used to develop a draft management plan that will be released for public comment later this year.

For more information, contact Sarah Mathews, BLM outdoor recreation planner, at (707) 1468-4051,

The Bureau of Land Management website is HERE.