Marine Corps announces Johnson Valley closure for military training

USMClogoFrom the Bureau of Land Management:

The Marine Corps recently notified BLM of their plans to utilize the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area for military training from August 1-30, 2016, and of the associated temporary closure. BLM is working with the Marines to address issues associated with this military training/closure, and to keep the public informed.

BACKGROUND: On December 26, 2013 the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014 (NDAA) was signed into law, authorizing the Marine Corps to occupy the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area (SUA) for two 30-day periods annually during which time the area would be closed to the public. See attached Johnson Valley Subregion map.

The Marines have established a project website to obtain additional information. The project website is HERE.

The Marines have also developed a mobile app for Johnson Valley OHV Recreation Area to alert the user to the SUA temporary closures for military training and when the user approaches/crosses into an area permanently closed to public access. I’ve attached the instructions for obtaining this free app.

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