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geocachingYes, I’m a big ol’ proponent of geocaching.  It’s fun.  It’s outside.  It’s almost like exercise without feeling like exercise.  It’s a great way to have fun and go places you might not necessarily normally go, see things you might have missed, and solve puzzles without having to look at a picture on a box top and wondering if that one piece out of a thousand you’re holding is a a corner or an edge piece! is now offering free Geocaching Intro apps for Android, iOS, and Windows.  From their email:

Geocaching has never been easier to share or take along on a spontaneous adventure. The official Geocaching Intro apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone serve up beginner geocaches. The app is loaded with helpful advice, tips and videos to turn muggles into geocachers in just a few clicks. The apps offer your friends everything they need to launch on a geocaching adventure. Use the app to search for Traditional geocaches, navigate to their locations and log finds. Now when friends ask about geocaching, you can say, “download the official Geocaching intro app, and I’ll show you all about it.” Or say something even wittier, maybe even add a joke. Your friends like jokes.

If you’re a Geocaching Premium Member the intro app offers even more features, like access to all Traditional geocaches regardless of terrain or difficulty, including Premium Member Only Traditional caches. Download the app for your phone now, and begin a geocaching adventure anywhere.

Head over to and get in on all the fun!