Burying the Hachette

writerunboxedlogoKeith Cronin posted a great article about the ongoing Amazon/Hachette nonsense over at Writer Unboxed.  Personally, I firmly feel that Hachette is doing all of their authors a HUGE disservice by continuing this idiotic business war, and I feel that it’s making them look bad.  My favorite observation from this article:

“This is something that many people forget, or simply haven’t realized: Amazon is not a bookstore. It’s not Barnes & Noble on steroids. It’s much more like Costco, or Target, or Walmart: a powerful retailer meeting a wide span of consumer needs at discounted prices.”

From the article:

I’m going to risk pissing some people off today, but I’ve been watching the ongoing Amazon/Hachette drama recently, and I feel the need to share some observations that will likely stray from the viewpoints of many traditionally published authors. Some context: I’m a published author (both traditionally and self-published), and I also have a master’s degree in business, so I’m inclined to look at this situation from more than one angle. And what I’m finding doesn’t align well with the oversimplified bumper-sticker conclusions I see many people drawing; in particular, the “Amazon is evil” mantra that is being adopted by many conventionally published authors.

Some facts and thoughts about who sells what

Many authors seem to feel that Amazon has an obligation to sell Hachette’s books. In a blog post that James Patterson oh-so-dramatically entitled “Read four of the most important paragraphs I’ll ever write,” the author has gone so far as to suggest that Amazon’s current tactic of “making it difficult [emphasis mine] to order many books from Little, Brown and Grand Central,” is something so morally heinous and evil that the practice “has to be changed – by law, if necessary – immediately, if not sooner.”

In citing Amazon as being flat-out criminal in its decision to make ordering certain books “difficult” (because let’s face it, we all know how darn difficult it is to find and purchase a James Patterson book), Patterson is apparently ignoring the fact that…

Yeah, this is a great read.  I highly recommend checking it out.  You can read the whole thing over at Writer Unboxed HERE.