Apple announces OS X Yosemite

appleyosemiteOkay, if you’ve visited my website a time or two – or even scrolled through a bit today, it’s no secret that I’m a BIG fan of Yosemite.  It must be a Scottish thing; John Muir seemed to have a fixation on the area that would eventually become a national park, too.

Today’s big announcement at the WWDC touched a soft spot; it’s Apple, it’s naming the new operating system Yosemite.  I’m giddy as a schoolgirl!  From MacWorld:

Apple on Monday announced that the next version of the Mac OS—dubbed OS X Yosemite, after the popular National Park in California—will be available as a free upgrade to the public this fall.

The jam-packed operating system update features a significant user interface overhaul, rich with bright colors and translucent effects, plus numerous changes to the visual identity of almost every system app that brings them closer to their iOS counterparts. The interface now also comes with a “dark” mode, which dims system elements like the Menu and Dock and allows apps to be more prominent.

The changes, however, are more than skin deep, as many system components have been updated and improved. Spotlight, for example now appears as a convenient text box in the middle of the screen and provides access to information from a large variety of sources, including the various App Stores. Notification Center is now fully customizable—and includes support for third-party widgets.

You should really visit the National Park; it’s absolutely breathtaking.  You should also support the Yosemite Conservancy; they do good work.  I’m excited that Apple has chosen to name their OS X after Yosemite during the 150th Anniversary of Yosemite becoming a national park.

Mavericks was the first OS X to be named after a place in California, rather than a cat.  It’s trivia, I know.  But I thought it was interesting.

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