Video: Beginner’s Guide to Hiding a Geocache

SmokeyBearGeocoinGeocaching is a great family-friendly outdoor recreational activity that involves getting up off your butt and heading outside.  Into the real world.  Where life happens.

All is not lost for the technologically savvy, as participants don’t use olde tyme cartographic periodicals to find caches (although they kinda still can), they use Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers or GPS-enabled mobile devices and navigational skills and techniques to hide and seek geocaches (or “caches”) worldwide.

It’s the world’s biggest and most interactive treasure hunt!

A typical cache is a container that holds a logbook, maybe some trinkets, and a pencil so the finder can note the time and date they found it.  Containers can be as small as a plastic film-roll container, or as large as a tupperware box or even a waterproof ammo box.  The contains might contain trading items, and can even contain travel bugs or geocoins – items which are picked up and later deposited in different caches. Geocaching is a great ways to learn about GPS mapping, navigation, orienteering, treasure-hunting, and waymarking.

The fine folks over at Geocaching HQ have put together an excellent newbie video that shows you the finer points of geocache concealment: